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Step 1:

Share the story of Santa's Magic Snow™ with your family BEFORE Christmas

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*bootprint stencil included

Step 2:

Create a magical Christmas morning!

... Inside the box you will find everything needed* to help me give your family a white Christmas!

Love, Santa

Begin Your New Family Tradition!

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    Everything you need to help Santa
    give your family a white Christmas

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    Santa's Magic Snow


    Santa's Magic Snow


    How to Make Santa’s Magic Snow® Even More Fun!

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    snow near tree near fireplace

    Look throughout the illustrations in the book to find the secret hidden butterflies and hearts! The Illustrator has hidden secret hearts and butterflies in the pages of the story. How many can you find?

    If you have a fireplace, be sure to leave some Magic Snow bootprints in it, where Santa “lands” upon arrival on Christmas Eve!

    Take pictures of Santa’s bootprints each year and collect them in your Santa’s Magic Snow® storybook.

    Bootprints look best with a thin dusting of snow. There should be enough snow in your Santa’s Magic Snow® kit to make several sets of bootprints. A little Magic Snow goes a long way!

    Be sure to share your magical Christmas morning on social media with the hashtag

    #santasmagicsnow facebook instagram